Our Maintenance Program Maintains Peak Performance

Our Residential Ultimate Savings Agreement provides you with a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning either annually or semi-annually for your heating and/or air conditioning equipment.


You can expect these impressive results out of your heating/cooling maintenance with A-1 Tops:

  • Lower utility bills

  • Extended equipment life

  • Fewer repairs

  • Improved capacity

  • Discount on repairs

  • Priority customer relationship

  • Inflation protection

  • Transferable agreement

  • Emergency service

  • No overtime charges, ever

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We Take Every Step to Ensure Great Results

To maintain peak performance, we make sure to complete a full list of HVAC maintenance tasks:

  • Outdoor coil inspected for heat transfer loss

  • System inspected & cleaned

  • Refrigerant checked for proper charge to assure no leaks

  • Exposed ductwork checked for leaks

  • Thermostat checked and calibrated

  • Motors and bearings lubricated as required

  • Controls and safeties tested as needed

  • Drain checked

  • Crankcase heater checked for proper operation

  • Relays and contactors inspected

  • Humidifier operation checked

  • Temperatures and pressures recorded

  • Indoor coil inspected

  • Air filters replaced when necessary

  • Outdoor coil power washed when necessary

We will also provide an inspection report and provide advice for any abnormal conditions.

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