Houston Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips

Houston heating and cooling maintenance is a practice that will extend the life of your AC and heating unit and help save you considerable expenses on your monthly electricity bill.

Spring is best time to start thinking about air conditioner and heating maintenance. This practice will ensure that your unit stays in optimal condition and will help alleviate the need for expensive service fees. You deserve to be cool during sweltering Houston summers, and warm during surprisingly chilly Houston winter days.

Clean Up:
First, make sure you remove any coverings you may have installed during the winter. It’s also a good idea to remove other items such as patio furniture, leaves, or lawn clippings that might still be lingering around your unit.

Air conditioning and heating units need to be able to draw fresh air in the condenser in order to work at optimum efficiency.

Change Filters:
Make sure to change your filters regularly. Dirty filters prevent proper air flow, which reduces efficiency and can also cause your evaporator to ice over.

Remove the front grille and replace the filter once a month. If your filter is not disposable, you can clean it with a solution of mild detergent and water. Make sure to rinse and dry well before re-installing.

Be Kind, Save a Dime:
Help out your AC and heating unit by using ceiling fans, closing and opening drapes depending on the season, and lower the thermostat several degrees in the winter and raise it in the summer.

One other helpful modification is landscaping. By planting deciduous shade trees close to the house, you can have natural shade in the summer and, because deciduous trees lose their leaves every winter, natural warmth on cold days. This alteration is environmentally friendly and a nice aesthetic upgrade.

Schedule a Tune-Up:
A professional annual tune-up is recommended during the spring. This precautionary practice does not guarantee that your unit will work perfectly all season long, but it will help detect and correct minor problems before they become major issues that can be a costly headache.

A-1 Tops Services, a comprehensive heating and cooling company in Houston, employs highly-qualified and dependable technicians to inspect your AC and heating unit. A-1 Tops’ knowledgeable representatives can also help guide you through all of your AC and heating needs.

For more comprehensive weatherizing of your home, consider applying a reflective coating to your roof, fully-insulating your attic, creating an elaborate micro-climate with trees and vines in your landscape, and zoning your home so that each room’s temperature is regulated.

All of these small changes to your living environment will have a notable and lasting effect on the life of your air conditioning and heating unit, as well as your monthly heating and cooling expenses.

Let A-1 Tops Services in Houston, located at 8950 Westpark, Suite 305, be your guide to saving money, helping the environment, and improving your overall health.

For more information regarding heating, cooling, and air conditioning services, refrigeration, and AC and heating maintenance in Houston, contact A-1 Tops Services at 713-783-COOL (2665).