Summer in Houston: Air Conditioning is a Must

Spring is here, meaning summer is around the corner. Stay cool during the Houston heat with a reliable and affordable air conditioning system from A-1 Tops Services. Call 713-783-2667 to learn more about our cooling options and repair services.

Houston Air Condition Systems

At A-1 Tops Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand how important your family’s comfort is. By the same token, we also understand how expensive that comfort can cost.

Our highly trained technicians are not only certified to install and maintain air conditioning units, but are also experienced in finding solutions to your high energy bills. With AC units from versatile manufacturers like Trane and RUUD, we can surely help you select a unit that fits your budget and efficiently cools your home.

We can also design and install geothermal cooling and heating systems, which harness the natural ability of the earth to regulate temperature. While installing these systems is a rather extensive process, the geothermal approach drastically cuts energy expenses and is a viable alternative to traditional Houston air condition.

AC Repair: Houston Depends On It

If you have lived through a Texan summer, you know what sweltering hot means. Having your AC unit break is not only uncomfortable, but can also threaten your health. Our technicians are dedicated to keeping you cool. We are committed to providing you with reliable repairs in a timely fashion.

Even when your air conditioner is working, it could still cause discomfort. Air conditioning can cause high levels of humidity, which – if the area is poorly ventilated – can become a breeding ground for mold. A-1 Tops can help you avoid a nasty mold situation with a customized humidity control system.

For Houston air condition installation, maintenance, and repair, look no further than A-1 Tops. We work hard to keep you cool! Call 713-783-2667to learn about our air conditioning systems and our services