Houston Heating and Cooling: The Environmental Choice

Houston heating and cooling is a major issue for residents and business owners in the Houston area. It’s no secret that Houston summers can be scorching hot, and the winters surprisingly chilly because of gulf coast moisture. But applying a few weather-proofing precautions will benefit your checkbook as well as the environment.

How much you choose to weatherproof your home has a direct correlation to how much you’ll save in monthly AC and heating payments and how much of a carbon footprint you leave behind. At A-1 Tops, specially trained representatives can guide you through your entire AC and heating restoration, which will you save thousands of dollars annually.

Caulking around windows and doorways will dramatically reduce your air conditioning and heating bill year round. Be aware, however, that sealing your house can increase the risk of household pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

Temperature Adjustment:
During sweltering Houston summers, be sure to raise the temperature several degrees when away from home. It’s a misconception that it costs an equal amount to cool a home back down as you would save if the thermostat stayed constant.

During those few frigid days of winter in Houston (they are rare, but certainly chilly), be sure to lower your thermostat when away from your home or business for more than a few hours.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit:
Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to optimize your AC unit’s efficiency and lifespan. Change standard filters monthly, inspect air conditioning unit annually, use ceiling fans to aid the heating and cooling system, pay attention to a new unit’s SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), make sure that indoor and outdoor units match for better efficiency, and consider switching to an energy-efficient carrier.

Other effective weatherizing techniques include applying a reflective coating to your roof, fully-insulating your attic, creating a micro-climate with trees and vines in your landscape, and zoning your home so that each room’s temperature is regulated.

Find a Trusted AC and Heating Company
A-1 Tops, an air conditioning and heating supply company in Houston, carries a line of New Carrier equipment that is super-sealed. This means no leaking of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that contribute to the destruction of the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Scientists now understand that the destruction of the ozone layer is responsible, in part, for an increase in skin cancer and global warming.

Fossil fuels are typically the energy source for heating and cooling a home or business. The fewer non-replaceable fossil fuels we burn, the better off we’ll be on a global economic scale. The burning of fossil fuels also releases carbon into the atmosphere, which is directly related to global warming.

Energy efficiency has long-term economic and environmental benefits. If you’re looking for an AC and heating company in Houston that is environment and pocketbook friendly, look no further than A-1 Tops Services, which is located at

8950 Westpark, Suite 305.
For more information regarding heating, cooling, air conditioning services, and refrigeration, contact A-1 Tops Services at 713-783-COOL (2665).