Houston Energy Efficiency: 3 Easy Tips For Home Weatherization

Houston energy efficiency will help save you a considerable amount of money and benefit the environment. Most people are unaware that only a few simple adjustments can have profound effects on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

Home weatherization is a project easily accomplished by every home owner. Unfortunately, most home owners falsely believe that home weatherization is too costly to make the transition financially beneficial. The following home weatherization tips, however, are easy, inexpensive, and will result in both short and long term savings.

Air Tightness

Test your home for air tightness by holding a lit incense stick next to windows, doors, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches, and other areas that present a potential air path outdoors.
Caulk and weather strip windows and doors where air is leaking.
Install rubber gaskets behind outlets and switch plates.
Check for dirty spots in the insulation, which could mean an air leak is present. Repair air leaks by stapling a sheet of plastic over the dirty area.
Make sure to keep your chimney flue closed when the fireplace is not in use. Chimneys are designed to channel smoke upwards and out, so if the flue is left open – you’re losing constant heat.

Replace Filters & Maintain AC/Heating Unit

Most filters are inexpensive, disposable, and easy to replace. Many home owners however forget the importance of filter replacement.
Replace filters every three months. This will improve the air flow from your unit, as well make enhance the air quality inside your home.
Schedule annual inspections of your AC and heating unit in order to ensure optimum efficiency. Neglecting your heating and cooling equipment could end up costing you enormously in the long run.

Energy Conservation Habits

Take more showers than baths. Showers use less hot water, and conserve more water than baths. Reserve bath taking for special occasions.
Use heat generating appliances such as washers, dryers, and ovens in the cooler hours of the morning or evening. This reduces the stress to your air conditioner in the summer and helps heat the house in the winter.
Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs put out more wattage and last about 10 times longer!
Set your thermostat to 68º F in the winter and 78º F in the summer. This simple adjustment will have a profound effect on your monthly heating and cooling bill.

Houston energy efficiency has long-term economic and environmental benefits. If you’re looking for an AC and heating company in Houston that is environment and pocketbook friendly, look no further than A-1 Tops Services, which is located at

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